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New Ubuntu TV – Everything you want in a TV

Canonical developed and released a Smart TV Operating System named as Ubuntu TV. It is based on the new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin). It makes use of the Unity as its user Interface, built with Qt application framework.                          Technical specifications and requirements Ubuntu TV benefits from the comprehensive hardware support that’s always been […]

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O.A.D a Free, Open Source RTS Game of ancient warfare

    How to install the latest version on Ubuntu 12.04 0 A.D. is available in Ubuntu’s “universe” repository since Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin). Install the package by running: sudo apt-get install 0ad To obtain updated releases, install from PPA sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wfg/0ad  sudo apt-get update  sudo apt-get install 0ad  

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Install LAMP in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise (Apache, MySQL, PHP)

1. Open a terminal and type the following sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ 2. Setup  MySql password when asked. 3. After the lamp server installation you will need write permissions to the   /var/www directory.For that, 4. Add your user to the www-data group sudo usermod -a -G www-data <user name> 5. Add the /var/www folder to […]

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Shutdown Button on Gnome 3 !!

By default, Gnome 3 Shows “Suspend” when clicked on the user name. Click on the user name on the top right corner and press ‘Alt‘ Key on the key board. then “Power Off” will be shown in place of “Suspend”. Use this method to directly Shutdown your computer without going to the login screen.

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Installing Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 12.04

Go to Software Center and search for Gnome-Shell and Click “install”    Restart computer to complete installation. On the Login Screen Click on the more button and select Gnome 3. Login and change the system theme to ‘Adwaita’  (System settings -> Appearance)  

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