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Create and View Hidden Files/Folders in Ubuntu Linux

       Usually, System directories and files will be hidden in Linux.To view them, press Ctrl+H. Now you can see all the folders contained in the parent directory.Press Ctrl+H again to hide then Before Pressing Ctrl+H  After Pressing Ctrl+H Note that all the hidden folders are started with a dot (.) symbol.You can use […]

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Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Below is a listing of all the major shortcut keys in Mozilla Firefox. Keys Description Alt + Left Arrow Back a page Alt + Right Arrow Forward a page F5 Refresh Alt + Home home page F11 Display/Exit website in full screen mode Ctrl + D Add a bookmark for the page currently opened Ctrl […]

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Multiple Login for Google Talk

Follow these steps to enable multiple login for Google Talk1)Right click on the Google Talk shortcut and select ‘Properties’.2)Go to Shortcut tab on Google Talk Properties window. 3)On the Target textbox, add in the /nomutex to the end of the line so that it looks like below (or you can simply copy and paste the […]

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