5 Things to do before migrating your laptop

migrating computer

It is often possible that you may have to switch to another laptop / PC from your current one. Here is 5 things you need to keep in mind before throwing the old one.

  1. Backup your data
  2. Export browser bookmarks
  3. Move your contacts, calender to the cloud
  4. Erase everything
  5. Sell / Donate the old one

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Type Malayalam and Other Indian Languages on Android

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Brush Tip Not Visible in Photoshop..?? here is the Solution

Sometimes it is common that you are not able to view the brush tip in the proper radius. Irrespective of the tool, it will show some plus like symbol…

Don’t panic, here is the solution
Simply turn off your CAPS LOCK
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Install MS SQL Server 2008 on Windows 8

The normal installation of MS SqlServer 2008 on Windows 8 will usually show you some compatability problems and result in an incomplete installation.

Use this method to resolve the problem

1. Open Control Pannel

2. Type and search for “Turn windows features on or off”

3. Now you will get a ‘Windows Features’ Window

4. Select .NET Framework 3.5(include .NET 2..0 and 3.0)
    Make sure you select (tick) both the items under this.

5. Press OK. (Now it may take some time to complete)

Restart your system and install SQL Server. Avoid Any compatability issues warning and proceed to installation.
Refer the screeshots for clarity

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Ubuntu Theme for your Windows 7 Desktop – A Creative contribution from ‘deviantart’

I found a  Windows 7 theme called “Maverick for Win7” designed to look like the Ubuntu Ambiance theme on  deviantart.com. The themes simulates the Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick desktop for Windows 7.
It comes with a set of icons,cursors and the default wallpaper. You can install the theme by downloading it from HERE. You can also install Gnome Panel for Rainmeter from HERE.

Visit THE PAGE for more details and installation instructions.


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Ubuntu Phone OS Unveiled by Canonical

 Ubuntu  phone has been unveiled by Mark Shuttleworth in London, on Jan 2 ,2013
Calling the product launch a “significant next step in our history”, Shuttleworth demoed the device and spoke of Canonical’s plans for taking the device to an already saturated mobile market.

Naturally neat and organised

We bring the world to your fingertips, and organise it all beautifully. Swipe from the home screen to filter your searches to apps, people, music and so on. Swipe from the top to see your incoming messages. Everything is stylish, elegant and crisp.
Everything you expect in a phone
Ubuntu includes native applications covering all the essentials you expect in a phone: telephony and voicemail, SMS and MMS, email, web browsing, photography, music and video

Customise to your needs

Operators have room to enhance Ubuntu with their own services, content, apps and branding without breaking compatibility with the broader Ubuntu app ecosystem. Canonical engages with OEMs and operators to enable them to ship phones with custom capabilities, or offer exclusive items for their audience.
Content can be surfaced in the home screen and search, apps can be pre-installed and there are ample opportunities for branding the device. With an extensible cloud framework on every Ubuntu device, you can deliver custom services to your audience that fit neatly into a global cloud ecosystem.

A truly global solution

Ubuntu is already used in over 70 countries and has been translated into over 40 languages. With 20 million desktop users around the world, it is both an established platform and an established global brand.

Backed by Canonical

Canonical is the global software vendor that provides commercial and design support to the Ubuntu project. Today, our hardware enablement team supports the pre-installation of Ubuntu on millions of new PCs shipped worldwide, annually.
Thanks to Canonical’s relationships with its OEM partners, Ubuntu has an enormous retail presence in key emerging economies, with branded merchandising and trained retail staff in over 1,000 stores.


So what sort of guts does it take to run the phone OS? Or, to put it another way, how ‘lean’ is ‘lean’?
This is where things get interesting.
A “low end” Ubuntu Phone will require, at a minimum:
  • Dual-core A9 ARM Processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 4GB Flash Storage + SD
  • 800×400 WVGA Screen
  • Multi-touch
To run the phone with ‘convergence’ enabled (a fancy way of saying ‘you can dock it and it will run a full desktop) the requirements are a bit higher:
  • Quad-core A9 ARM Processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 32GB Flash + SD
  • Minimum of 720p screen resolution
  • Multi-touch


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Resolve shared library problem with Eclipse on Ubuntu (Android developers)

While starting android development on Ubuntu using Eclipse, you may get some errors like

/home/catia/android-sdks/platform-tools/aapt: error while loading shared libraries: 
libz.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

or  while trying to start the simulator,

/home/catia/android-sdks/tools/mksdcard: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++.so.6: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory 
[2012-01-01 19:00:18 - SDK Manager] Failed to create the SD card. 
[2012-01-01 19:00:18 - SDK Manager] Failed to create sdcard in the AVD folder.

or any other like these..This is because, Android SDK is compiled for a 32-bit GNU/Linux system, and your  system is a 64-bit system. To solve this error, install the 32-bit versions of all the most commonly used libraries, by installing the ia32-libs package 

Go to the terminal and type the following command.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

This will solve the issue.

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Make Your Widows 7 Look Like Windows 8 or Windows 8 Phone

You can change your Windows 7 desktop appearance so that  it looks like the Metro Interface of  Windows-7. Simply follow the steps    
1. Download a small software called Rainmeter from HERE
2. Install Rainmeter.
3. Now download a combo theme for Rainmeter called Omnigo HERE.

4. Extract the zip/rar file and click on “setup.rmskin” to start installation
 5. Click on the arrow to go to the next step

 5. Select Language

6. Now select the theme you want (Windows 8/Windows 8 Phone/Custom )

7. Select your screen resolution. (It automatically highlight the recommended resolution)

 You’r Done……..!!

If You are selecting Windows 8 as theme, it will show your old desktop items also.
For Better Result, Press the Plus (+) Button on the Omnigo Desktop and Click Settings.
Now select Windows 8 Alpha Style…..

You can add many more apps, panels on Omnigo. Go threw different styles and setting and select the those You like the most 

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All You Need to Know about Linux File Permission

Hope this will help you to understand different file permissions and  how to changes the permission of a file or directory in a UNIX/LINUX system.
chmod [numeric combination] [filename]
here [numeric combination] is created using the following criteria.
(User who owns the file.)
(Group that owns the file)
non 0 0 0
read 4 4 4
write 2 2 2
execute 1 1 1
if you want to make your file read only by owner, then use
chmod 400 filename
if only executed by others

chmod 001 filename

if read/write by the owner and only read by everyone else
chmod (4+2)(4)(4)  file
which is;

chmod 644 filename

With this if all need executable rights
chmod (4+2+1)(4+1)(4+1)  file
that’s it;

chmod 755 filename

This can also be calculated in a more professional way.

when we are checking the permissions of files using “ls -l” command in the terminal we get a results which looks like “– rwx r-x r– file “.

this can be interpreted as;
- rwx r-x r-- file 
--111 101 100
    r  read
    w  write
    x executable
    - non

Where now when we convert each set binary digits to decimal,
Binary Decimal
000 0
001 1
010 2
011 3
Binary Decimal
100 4
101 5
110 6
111 7
We get the numeric values we wonted. In this case its 754
So we have to use the command.

chmod 754 file

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IDEID on Facebook..!!

Hii Friends,
We created our own page on Facebook.

Like Us and Keep Visiting,

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